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Hi! I'm Ms. Natalie, the owner of Crafty Kids Preschool. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work with children! Before I opened my little school in 2020, I worked for the Federal Government for nearly 15 years! I started my career in Law Enforcement and later moved on to Security and Investigations. At the height of my career, I realized I was not the mother I always dreamt of being. Long days in a stressful career took a toll on me and my family. During the pandemic, I finally found the courage to quit my job and pursue my passion.

I’m a mom of 3 girls, have two degrees in Psychology, several certificates in Early Childhood Education, a licensed provider under the VA Dept. of Education, and have worked with children for over 25 years!

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy crafting, DIY projects, gardening, video games, reading, yoga, playing with all my pets, and spending as much time outside in nature soaking up the sun! And of course, I love doing all of these activities with my amazing family!

Our programs are educational and super fun fostering an early love of learning. I truly believe children learn best through play while using all 5 senses to absorb knowledge. We make lots of fun messes while engaging in a fun activity-based and hands-on curriculum!

Fun Facts!

  • I'm a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner (I'm an INFJ!)

  • I'm AUDHD (Autistic and ADHD) and love working with diverse learners

  • I just adopted 3 cute little bunnies from a local farm! (Oreo, Summer, and Bella)

  • I used to own an online Children's Boutique, and handmade clothing for women and children (I love sewing and still wear some of my creations!)

  • I was raised in Reston, VA, but my family is from Alabama. I'm a farm-girl at heart and can't wait to own my own farm someday!

  • I'll do just about anything for a bag of Sour Cream and Onion chips and a Coke (hahaha! but seriously, I will)


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